Digital membership platform & club app

For clubs, community groups, associations and not-for-profits

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A digital membership card.

Replace your physical membership cards with an app for your members. It's better for the environment and inexpensive for your organisation.


A membership management platform.

Easy to use for your members and administrators. Collect recurring membership payments and donations directly from the app to your account. Store members information in a secure database.

Grow your membership & simplify administrative tasks.

Connect with your members

Actively keep members up to date with notifications and a newsfeed

Automate your tasks

With less time on membership admin, you can spend more of your time on what matters

Partner Deals

Promote local businesses and offer benefits to your members
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Achieve revenue results

By making it easier for members to sign-up and donate via the mobile app. Members can also make recurring payments

Digital Membership Card

Hivepass replaces plastic cards with an environmentally friendly virtual club card option

Membership Management

Manage your membership information in a secure database. Easily search and update members information
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Designed for your administrators and members.

Number of members*
Cost per membership**
0 - 100
101 - 1000
e.g. 200 members cost $360 + $120 = $480 per year
No fees on donations
Each family member counts as a membership
* Number of total memberships
** Based on 12 month membership
*** Stripe fees also apply to the transaction (2.5% + $0.30)

Pay for what you use.

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