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Pricing FAQ

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The Hivepass fees are taken out at the time the membership is paid for so there is no need for an invoice.

You only pay for what you use. The fee is recorded in both Hivepass and Stripe against the transaction.

As part of the Hivepass account setup you will create and connect or link and connect an existing Stripe account.

Yes there are card transaction fees that Stripe takes from the transaction.

In New Zealand this is 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction for not for profits and 2.9% + $0.30 for others.

Optional custom digital card design will incur a small fee.

There are no setup fees.

No, not from us. We believe donations should all go to the organisation. Although there will be a Stripe credit card transaction fee that can't be avoided.

Free memberships are priced the same as paid memberships but the Hivepass fees will be invoiced to you 3 monthly.

Simple Explanation

Each family member counts as an individual and gets there own account.

Each family member will have a Hivepass fee e.g. $3.60 (up to 100 total members) -> $1.20 (101 to 1000) -> $0.60 (1000+).

As each family member counts as an individual also the total count of members will increase with each family member. e.g. 25 families of 4 will count as 100 members total.

The price per family member will drop to $1.20 after 100 total members.

More Advanced Explanation

If in the first week of registrations you have 10 families of 4 (40) and 60 individuals that will be 100 members. In the second week a family of 4 will cost $4.80 in Hivepass fees because it is in the zone 101 -> 1000. This total number will reset back to 0 on your yearly anniversary so if members numbers are the same you will pay the same each year.

Pricing around families is very flexible.

  • You can set a base family price and size e.g. 2 adults and 2 children for $40
  • You can set a max family size e.g. 8 members, up to 2 adults and up to 6 children
  • You can set a price per adult or per child above the base size e.g. $5 per child above 2 children
Using this example:
  • 2 adults + 0 children = $40
  • 1 adults + 1 children = $40
  • 2 adults + 2 children = $40
  • 2 adults + 3 children = $45
  • 2 adults + 6 children = $60

Membership types FAQ

We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just Ask Us

When the primary family member sets up the family account they add the other family members.

They can add other family members with or without an email.

If family members have an email, an account will be automatically created for them.

If they do not have an email e.g. a young child, then they can log in with the primary member account.

The primary member account can switch between all family members from the app and the account can be used by multiple members if needed.

Yes, primarily used for young children. We call these piggyback accounts.

We support both but recommend going with rolling memberships for the most sign ups.

Other FAQ

We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just Ask Us

Existing members can join your organisation at no cost to them or to your organisation.

You just need to set up a promo code and send it out to you members.

They can then request a free membership.

You can then approve this if they are a valid member.

• As more organisations come on Hivepass the network effect increases.
This means other nearby organisations can help increase your numbers. There may be several organisations around your location that use Hivepass. Any of these users will be able to see your organisation and join with a couple of clicks for a long term or short term membership.

• You could set up short term memberships for visitors to your region.

• You probably only get a small percentage of your local community actually becoming a member due to various reasons. This percentage should increase, especially if you can offer some local deals, news and updates.

• Comms is better with push notifications as it reminds unpaid users/contacts to pay for membership.

• Members can set up recurring memberships with the payment being automatic so they don't end up leaving it a long time or until the start of the next season to join.

• Once a member has joined the payment process for the next year only takes one click and they receive a reminder email.

• Using a rolling membership period vs a fixed one will increase member numbers as members tend to wait rather than signing up at the end of a membership period. Would you pay full price for 1 months membership?

Yes, you can try out the demo member account here we can also give you access to the demo admin account if you ask us via email.

Yes you can check some out here from our customers.

Very easy, no technical skills required. You can be up and running in 20 minutes. Although you will likely want to spend a bit longer configuring your account styling and messages to your members.

This is currently in development and will be available later in 2022.

No. Banks warn that using POLi can be a breach of their various terms and conditions, posing a serious security and fraud risk.